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The blenchmark addon and really needs an update. But I simply don't have any time to do anything about it. We all have plans and ideas, but sometimes life intervenes. The last 8 months have been tough due to health issues in the family.

Things that are needed:

  • A new (heavier) render scene;
  • A system to filter results that are way off the average;
  • Better graphs, so result between OS's, blender versions and number of cards are way clearer.

For now, be careful when comparing cards. Sometimes average times aren't a good representation of reality. Although I have built some protection in the addon, sometimes render times are submitted which are not right. And these submissions can have influence on the average times of cards. So check the individual submissions to see if the average score is reliable.

Blenchmark 1.0.5 is out!

I just made the blenchmark addon 1.0.5 available. This update mainly consists of changes made to gain more control over the benchmark results. The following changes were implemented:

  • If the render scene is changed in the current session, you can't benchmark. When you try, the scene will be reloaded. After that benchmarking is possible again.
  • If the .blend contains saved changes, you won't be able to benchmark.
  • I decided to take control over what version is used to benchmark, every one will be forced to use version 1.0.5 now.
  • The benchmark sends the addon version and devicetype (gpu or cpu) with the results to way the cpu and gpu charts are updated automaticly.
  • The results are sent to now, and not to the old website anymore. The old site will be deleted anytime soon.
  • I changed some texts in the in the addon.
  • I cleaned the blender interface. Less headers are present.

I also made some changes to the website As always, the addon is somewhat tested, but not extensively. Please report any bugs and I will squash them as soon as possible.

I'm planning to make the next update about the scene itself. I'd like to add gpu and cpu optimized scenes. Maybe some extra scenes to benchmark the newer cards better. This way the differences between newer cards are better visible. Mike Pan gave me permission to use his new BMW scene for benchmarking, so I will replace the "old" one.

Kind regards and happy benchmarking!


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On the Subject of Me

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