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AMD Engineering Sample benchmark

I noticed an increasing activity on the internet around a benchmark done with the BlenchMark addon. If you look here, you see a CPU benchmark with the name AMD Engineering Sample. Some people believe that this could be a new type of processor from AMD, faster then the most Intel CPU's.

It is too bad that it is just one benchmark and unfortunately this addon doesn't show if it is just one CPU or more (that feature is going to be added in the future). So, it could be a whole other thing. But I really like to know more about this. I would like to invite the person who uploaded this benchmark to contact me. I sure have some questions for you!

Edit 9 november 2016: On request of AMD I removed the benchmark. They didn't know what kind of cpu it was, but AMD really prefers to keep sample results out of the public eye.

Kind regards,

Blenchmark 1.0.6

Hi all,

Due to the incompatibility with Blender 2.78 I updated the addon to a new version. Thanks to Julian Eisel I managed to fix the error in the add-on. Thank you Julian.

You will notice that the pop-up, when clicking on the "Render > Benchmark" link in Blender, is a bit different. The "Cancel" button is removed, because it wasn't doing anything anyway. A different kind of pup-up is used to work around the error the previous version with Blender 2.78. However the end-result remains the same: The blenchmark scene is opened. If you don't want it to be opened, just move your mouse away from the pop-up, or hit escape.

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On the Subject of Me

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