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Blenchmark is on Patreon

Hi all,

Today Blenchmark has made its entrance on Patreon.

Last week I tried to fix some problems with the Blenchmark add-on. Then I noticed that the latest versions of Blender didn't want to work anymore with my 10-year old computer and it's gpu's. I am in need of a more recent system. Furthermore I want to take Blenchmark to the next level. I posted several updates last year where told which improvements I wanted to make, and that list is growing more and more. Since hardware costs money, and I do not need a new system other then for the blenchmark addon, I figured you guys could help me out. I never charged anyone for using Blenchmark and I want to keep it that way. You can help me out by doing some donations and assist me in saving some money for a newer system and Blenchmark can stay a free service!

So, if you'd like to help me out, hit that button on the frontpage and become a patron!
Thanks in advance!


Addon working again

Hi all,

The addon is working again. Please download the new version (1.0.7) from the website. I wasn't able to test the addon with multiple gpu's. It should work with cpu's and one gpu. It could work with multiple gpu's. I took the opportunity to fix the problem with different names (display). I still have to fix the benchmarks which are already have been uploaded. But I will do that as soon as possible.

When you change the render device settings, the scene need to be reloaded. It won't affect your render device settings, but will reset all other scene settings you may have altered.

If the addon isn't working with multiple gpu's, please leave a message or add an issue!

Have fun!


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On the Subject of Me

On the Subject of Me

I'm Mark aka Dark, MAD for short. Among other things I am a Blender 3D enthusiast. I founded the Dutch Blender Community forums and build this site to work with the Blenchmark add-on I created for Blender 3D.

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