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Update - Charts are fixed

Today I fixed the last chart (device details charts). You will be able to see the details of a render device. When statistics are available you see how a device performs per operating system, and how it performs per blender version on that particular operating system. What I wanted wasn't supported with the several addons that drupal offered, so I had to write my own scripts to get, arrange and push the data to the charting library. It took some time because I was a little occupied with other things, but it is working now.

Next step will be the implementation of using multiple gpu's and the coexistence with an addon that changes tile sizes automaticly. Problem here is that I'm not the owner of a pc with multiple gpu's. I have one desktop, with one gpu. I can't place another card in it, because I've run out of PCI-e slots. I wil start looking for a second-hand motherboard and aditional gpu's which doens't cost me a lot of money. It is a fun project after all and is not supposed the cost me lots of money. Furthermore I realized that the current benchmarks do not give a real overview because there are benchmarks with multiple gpu's that are shown as one gpu. It might be necessary to flush the database when this functionality becomes available to ensure a real overview of performances.

I received some comments about not including the manufacterer of the gpu's. Most of the manufacterers choose to tweak their cards, what leads to different performances on the same chips. I will look into that, but it has low priority. I allready tried to rule out this problem a little by taking the average of all benchmarks and show this in the overall chart. But more important: the chart is meant to get an basic overview of performance (maybe I should mention this at the charts too) per chip, nothing more, nothing less.

Thanks for all the benchmarks, keep em coming! The more benchmarks, the more info the charts will give you.

Kind regards,

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On the Subject of Me

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