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Thank you

Yesterday evening (Dutch local time) the Blenchmark addon was presented at The response to that was overwhelming to me. I never expected to have over 200 benchmarks posted, responses on, and my own Blenchmark website and a tutorial made by a blender-user on youtube about my addon! And all of that within 6 hours after the article was posted on For all of this I thank you.


While the benchmarks and messages where posted it appeared that the addon didn't work flawless (I did expect that).

  • The benchmark wont run on Mac OS while using the cpu
  • On Linux sometimes the wrong operating system name is given
  • The addon doesn't always manage to get a OS name from the system it runs on
  • I noticed sometimes there was no rendertime in the upload
  • Rendering with multiple gpu's is not supported yet, but not prevented in the addon
  • I noticed some uploads from the same uploader had great performance inprovements with the same card, changed settings?
  • Some people thought that the disabled drivers in the scene where a bug, I have to remove those drivers from the scene
  • Those charts are really messing up after adding the 200 benchmarks, time to remake them

Feature requests

I allready got some feature requests. Some of them:

  • Add support for multiple gpu cards
  • Add some extra scenes with different Blender features like fur, sss and volumes
  • See more information from graphics cards

I will try to add most of them, when i see fit.

I planned to launch this addon and move on to the next addon (online cycles material library, browsable and usable from within blender). But I think that one has to wait a little longer.
For now I will try to list those requests and bugs on this site, and add a feature to add them yourselfs.

Kind regards,


Multiple cards

Hi, excellent work Mark. When uploading results it does not give us the option of indicating how many GPUs are being used. For example, I used 6 (six) GTX 750s to get 34 seconds, but the results page indicates just GTX 750, which gives of course the wrong impression that GTX 750 really kicks some ass...

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On the Subject of Me

On the Subject of Me

I'm Mark aka Dark, MAD for short. Among other things I am a Blender 3D enthusiast. I founded the Dutch Blender Community forums and build this site to work with the Blenchmark add-on I created for Blender 3D.

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